Green Driving Tips that Save Gas and Money!

With fluctuating gas prices and a shaky economy, most people can’t afford not to save money. Adopting green driving habits not only saves money but also creates less pollution. It’s something that everyone can do to help the environment and keep household costs down at the same time. Consider implementing some of these tips to save gas, cut down on wear and tear to your car, and cut down on pollution from fuel emissions.

1. Walk or stay home. Do you really need to make that trip? Can you walk or bike instead? Get moving and get fit, as it benefits both the environment and your health. If you must go, arrange a carpool. Also, many errands can now be done online. Banks, merchants, and even grocery stores have websites to let you make purchases or transactions from home, which saves transportation costs and pollution.

2. Lose the lead foot. Always hurrying to get where you’re going won’t help you save gas. Though some might consider 70 mph taking it slow, your car engine actually reaches peak efficiency if you drive at a steady 55 mph. It’s the right speed to burn what gas you need with minimal waste. Either speed will get you where you’re going, so leave early, slow it down and enjoy the ride.

3. Keep it smooth. Erratic driving wastes gas. Sudden acceleration and hard braking hurts your car and you will pay for it. If you want to drive green, drive gently. Try to think ahead and slow down before braking. Use acceleration lanes to increase your speed moderately. Not only is it green driving that saves money, but it’s safer too.

4. Don’t idle. Sitting in traffic or drive-thru queues, is not a smart way to help the environment or save gas. Just the customers sitting in idling cars for the drive-thru of one popular fast food restaurant waste 16 million gallons in gas each year. Any time you find yourself not moving and think it might last more than a minute, it will be worth it to cut the engine. Remember that re-starting your car requires close to the same quantity of gas that it needs to idle one minute.

5. Check your tires. Since 20% of your engine’s fuel consumption is used up just in tire rolling resistance, get the best tires you can afford and keep them properly inflated. Under-inflated tires waste even more gas. Make sure to keep to your tire manufacturer’s recommendation for proper inflation levels at all times. If you forget about your tires it means forgetting about green driving and optimal gas savings.

6. Un-junk the trunk. Your car shouldn’t be a storage space on wheels. Any extra unnecessary weight just causes the car to have to work harder and use more gas to run. Get everything out of the trunk you don’t need for the trip and keep it in the garage. The same goes for the interior. It’s easy to collect all kinds of stuff, especially if you have kids. Dump it all to economize your gas usage and contribute to a greener environment.

Anyone can start driving green with a little forethought. Picture a cleaner environment and lower numbers at the pump, and start today!