Solar Power and Other Renewable Energy

June 22, 2009 by  
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It is true that some claims that avid solar power enthusiasts are overly exaggerated, but it is a universal truth that solar power, as well as other renewable energy forms, is both valuable and viable. These forms of energy generate very low pollution, if any at all, and even account for effects in manufacturing to produce various components. In principle, they are inexhaustible energy sources that do not need to look to other countries in order to supply raw material.

Solar energy comes from atmospheric streams of light coming from the sun and is turned into usable solar power that is by now a well-known and comprehended process. By hitting photovoltaic modules, sunlight can generate currents of electricity that then flow into business or homes through components like circuit breakers and wires that are normally used by utility companies to generate electricity.

Wind power works in a completely different way but is also similar to solar power. With wind, propellers on a shaft can turn to surround themselves with magnets wrapped by wire coils. As these magnets turn near these wires, the electrons within feel a force that then moves them through the wire to create electrical currents.

Both of these methods are fairly simple. Solar power and wind power exist at no cost, however converting them into usable electricity may cost some money and may also come with particular engineering challenges, as well as physical limitations.

Naturally, certain materials may be needed to construct wind turbines and photovoltaic modules. They do not come for free. They need to be moved and installed and, sadly, they are not very cost-efficient in terms of how much solar power can be made compared to coals, oils, and natural gas.

Although vast improvements have been made through time, solar energy simply cannot generate as much solar power as other sources can for other energy at the same cost.

However, given the capability to fill an entire house with solar panels, this may be enough to generate 1.35 kWh per square meter per day of solar power. This could be enough solar power for an entire home to use, provided the homeowner takes care in its use.

Wind systems come with their own problems, too. Birds get killed often; they rely on continual wind; and, as with solar systems, they need to connect to storage systems. Also, they do not state how much power is needed to power other applications.

Despite such limitations, however, solar power and wind power can sensibly form a vital part of our world’s total power generation strategy. Due to their cleanliness, they are highly desirable in today’s society since they can improve the environment’s overall quality. There is no need to import oil or mine for coal that could lead to political and environmental controversy, either.

As technology improves by the day, efficiency is increased and cost is decreased, while solar power and wind power contribute to giving electrical demands. It may be some time before they can make a significant change in energy supply, but the future is where the greatest ideas lie.