What are Solar Panel Applications?

July 4, 2009 by  
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It is no longer uncommon to see huge, dark-blue solar panels on top of a roof supplying electricity through solar power. Though not a lot of today’s homes have them, there are thousands of magazine articles that have been written over the past few decades, along with pictures portraying these solar panels. Because of this rare occurrence, solar systems have been termed as the wave of the future, but the future always seems to be just barely out of reach. The points that seem to affect this matter the most are overall efficiency and cost.

However, a lot of cost-effective solar panel applications are now available on the market.

One popular example is lawn lights, which come as foot-long stakes with lights mounted onto them with solar panels on each one. Although not a lot of solar power is generated, they do not really require a lot to get their work done. They can even be placed pretty much anywhere without the need for wires and in a fast way. They are durable without the need for maintenance or batteries and their bulbs last a very long time.

Even calculators that run on solar power have been around for years, using the same technology that modern laptops have developed and put to use. They may not generate enough solar power to run a basic monitor or hard drive, but solar power can be used in conjunction with new inventions that this will no longer be necessary. Instead, they make use of organic cells.

Basic solar cells make use of layers of silicon wafers full of phosphorus. However, complicated molecules along with other elements can also benefit from the photoelectric effect. A lot of organic molecules can give off electrons when they are hit by light. Though they are not as efficient at this present day and age, they make up for it by being extremely cheap and flexible. They can even be used with particular cheap plastic alloys.

This technology makes it possible to produce highly affordable monitors and keyboard that can be folded up or rolled up. When unrolled, they can be used with solar power.

A lot of other applications can also be generated with solar systems, such as electrical fencing. This can be used to power cattle barriers, dog retainer systems or low voltage systems to keep animals under control. These elicit very small stuns that are not harmful and keep them from walking outside of a certain area.

Cars and powered boats sometimes come with a solar battery that can run engines even while the motors are off. However, a solar battery needs re-charging after each use. In general cases, running motors re-charge the solar battery and put back the power that is required to start it.
Clearly, the existence of a solar battery does not necessarily mean that it will function., When out of water or even on shore, it may be close to impossible to use regular chargers since there are no electrical outlets on the water or on most docks. This is why a solar battery comes in very handy.

This charger can recharge a solar-battery quite easily. And, emergencies aside, solar systems are very helpful in various ways.

RVs usually stay in place when the motor is turned off, though some may have generators to power them. These generators tend to be quite noisy and use up a lot of diesel or gasoline, producing foul fumes. Solar systems can supply part of the required energy to power DVDs, TVs, radios, and small refrigerators.

Generating electricity isn’t the only feasible application, though. Solar water heaters are another popular application for home that uses solar power.

With the help of tiny parabolic dishes, the energy of the sun can be concentrated into one small particular area. The energy is then sent to water storage systems that can sometimes be found outside of the home. The generated solar hot water can then be used for outdoor animal washes or car washes, as needed.

In fact, any chore that involves washing is easier when solar hot water is used. Solar heating systems can offer warm water to wash windows, supply garage sinks, as well as anything else you can think of in a garage or a home.

Modern solar systems are extremely cheap and efficient compared to the old days. They offer dependence and freedom from utility companies, as well, for any electrical or solar hot water needs you may have – a great deal indeed!