All About Organic Baby Products

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Organic baby products seem to be what every parent wants right now. It is all part of wanting the best for your baby. Organic products are restricted in their use of chemicals and should contain fewer additives or chemical treatments than standard products. Some will also be fair trade so you can be sure the manufacturer is not profiting from exploitative work policies. Buying organic gives you as a parent more security in knowing that nothing toxic or harmful should be coming in contact with your beautiful baby. Fortunately there are many organic baby care products available to consumers today.

Organic Baby Bath Products

Baby bath wash and lotion is a small but important purchase that you will be making. If you buy organic bath products you should find that all of the ingredients are natural. Soap ingredients should be plant-based rather than made from animal fats, herbal oils will be used, and any coloring and fragrance should be natural. Organic products will usually be easier on your baby’s skin, so that sensitivities and rashes are less likely to develop. Also you should not need to worry about the long term effects if your baby drinks some of the bath water.

Organic Diaper Cream

Organic diaper ointment or cream is a wonderful product and comes highly recommended. An organically formulated diaper cream should be 100% natural and perfect for your baby’s sensitive bottom. Again herbal essential oils, beeswax and natural plant-derived butters are used. These are less likely to cause irritation than chemical-based products, and they are usually easier to wipe away.

Organic Baby Food

Organic baby food has become popular in the last couple of decades along with all other organic food. The rules for organic food products are very stringent and if the label says ‘organic’ you can be sure that the ingredients were all grown in an environment free of pesticides. In addition, purified water will be used and the mashed and strained fruits and vegetables that you buy for your baby will have undergone less processing if they are organic.

You can also buy organic infant formula which gives your baby a great start in life. This is made from the same ingredients as non-organic formula except that it will be free of pesticide residues and genetically modified ingredients. It may be easier for babies to digest and the lack of chemical residues means that it is less likely to spark an allergic reaction.

Organic Baby Clothes

Organic baby clothing is usually made from organically grown cotton. The same rules apply as for organic food. The cotton will not have been sprayed with pesticides and is less likely to irritate your baby’s skin. The fabric is often softer too. However, the lack of treatments means that the cotton is more likely to shrink, so you may want to buy a size bigger than you need right now.

Organic Baby Toys

The way babies put their toys in their mouths all the time, you will see why many parents want to buy organic baby toys. You almost have to consider them as food! Organic toys will be made from natural materials, without the chemicals that are found in plastics. Examples of organic toys are rag dolls and other soft toys made of cotton, wooden trucks and other wooden toys, and board books made of organic cardboard. Organic toys are very attractive with an old fashioned style and although they can be more expensive, they will be high quality and often last longer than cheap toys.

All of these products are things that you and your baby will use every day for the first important formative years. You can be reassured that you are providing your baby with the best chance of staying healthy and growing strong with organic baby products.