Green Ideas for Mom

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Green Ideas for Mom

A mom’s work is never done. If she already teaches green family values, including how to conserve energy and recycle, what more can she do? Children learn by what they see lived out. There are plenty of opportunities unique to mom for her to reduce her environmental impact and develop eco-friendly habits that will contribute to a cleaner planet. If you are a mom, learn some of these tips for your own personal use that can end up making a big impression on everyone around you.

Swap and Second Hand

Moms who are smart can make great purchases for the home without spending too much or buying new products that cost our planet energy and resources. An eco-friendly, economical alternative to department store shopping is buying second hand at thrift stores or garage sales or by swapping items. Swap groups are cropping up in many different communities so that moms can meet together to swap gently used clothing or household items they no longer want or need for ‘new to them’ items to enjoy.

There are also book swaps available online. For a modest joining fee, you can list books you no longer want so that others can request them. You have to send them to new owners, but you get the same opportunity to request books that you want. It is an eco-friendly way to reuse resources and cut down on waste.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Most moms do most or all of the grocery shopping, and can’t even count how many times they’ve been asked, “Paper or plastic?” Those who care about the environmental impact of the answer to this question won’t choose either one. It is becoming environmentally smart and trendy to go to the store with reusable shopping bags. Because they are made from nylon or sturdy canvas, they are stronger and roomier than store bags and can hold much more. For convenience and ready availability, they can easily be kept in the trunk of your car. Such a simple habit can save thousands of bags from ending up in a landfill and prevent the pollution produced when plastic bags are manufactured.

Alternative Menstrual Products

Disposable pads and tampons are convenient for menstruating women, but not for our landfills. There are actually eco-friendly alternatives for these products that serve the same purpose.

Absorbent cloth pads are available in comfortable fabrics such as hemp or cotton. They usually come with a waterproof lining underneath to protect clothing. Many moms who have used cloth pads even find their comfort preferable to disposable. And the financial savings is considerable.

Menstrual cups are another alternative product. Worn internally, they are reusable cups to collect monthly flow. Because they are reusable they are environmentally friendly, and they are also comfortable and easy to use and clean.

Green Cleaning

Green moms know that mainstream cleaning products are filled with harsh chemicals that can be unsafe for the family and the planet. Homemade cleaners can be made with natural ingredients such as lemon, baking soda, and vinegar, and get the same results. There are also more and more green cleaning products available commercially with safe natural ingredients.

All moms can add these habits to their everyday routine to set a green example for their family, save money, and feel great.