Natural Dog Grooming Aids

March 17, 2009 by  
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You already know that you want your dog to be happy and healthy. So you feed her natural dog foods and use organic shampoo when you bathe her. Now what else can you do to pamper your dog? A happy and healthy dog is a must. A beautiful dog is a plus.

There are plenty of other organic and natural products you can treat your dog to when you want to provide a little extra pampering. Do you ever treat yourself to organic spa treatments for your skin and hair? Here are some tips on how your can do the same for your dog.

Aromatherapy can help both you and your dog relax and enjoy her spa day. For centuries, people have benefited from using the essential oils in certain herbs because of their ability to calm and soothe through scent alone. Stay away from invigorating scents, or scents that dogs don’t enjoy, like mints, citrus or eucalyptus. Use shampoos, conditioners and coat sprays with vanilla and lavender, which are known for their healing qualities.

Ear care is sometimes overlooked when the family has a hectic and busy schedule. But clean ears are important for your dog’s health. Choose natural products that are free from preservatives, artificial colorings and synthetic chemicals. The healthiest ear cleaning products will contain mild ingredients, like aloe vera, natural oils, witch hazel and herbs. They are designed to clean gently, and are most effective when used on a regular basis.

Paw care is often neglected. Dogs walk on them every day without complaining, over all kinds of surfaces from grass to gravel to carpet to asphalt. Most humans take for granted that their dog’s paws are operating just fine, unless he’s obviously limping. After all, aren’t paws built to take a lot of rough abuse? Well, yes and no. They develop protective calluses. But they can become cracked and raw, just like the heels on our feet. The best way to pamper your dog’s paws is with a natural product that moisturizes and soothes them. Choose products with shea butter for moisturizing and aloe vera for healing dry cracks.

Skin care is as important for dogs as it is for us humans. You know how uncomfortable dry, itchy, scaly skin can be. It is no different for your dog. Be sure to use coat and skin conditioning products that contain natural ingredients. Look for jojoba oil, aloe vera, nettle, seaweed and other organic herbs, vitamins and minerals that can minimize shedding and detangle your dogs coat to make brushing painless.